Wednesday, June 13, 2012

She turns TWO

My cutie pie turns 2 today. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I realized that my daughter now is a little girl and not a baby anymore. Sob..sob..sob..

Aliya dan dunianya. Too much to share here. It’s so much fun to watch her grow and explore. Well, she is only 2 years old, what do you expect at this age, takkan dh pandai masak koooot.
The most obvious thing that she can do, which is i consider it 'wow!', she loves songs, any kind of songs especially lagu kanak2, patriotic pun layan.. She will listen for at least 3-4 times (for a simple song) and she can sing the song in her rhymes, but still in tune, walaupun most of the lyrics are still berterabur and sounds pelat2 kiut. Hehe...
She has a good memory, lepas ni ajar hafaz surah lak, jgan nk lagha sangat dengar lagu sokmo. ;-).

She is growing up and she is so much fun. But that also means it's getting harder for me in every little thing i want to do. Oh! She is SANGAT macam2. But I am not complaining. ;-)

Happy Birthday to you NABIHA ALIYA. Wish you a lovely life ahead. May Allah bless you with healthy, wealthy and happy bright future. Mami and 'didi' will always love you and we know you know. Muah!!!

p/s : pagi tadi asben wish 'selamat ulang tahun melahirkan anak sulung kita'. Oh! Crying...


Thanks for dropping in! ;-)

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  1. ala syahdu nya .. happy birthday nabiha alya. moga jadi anak yang solehah ye.. comel sgt pandai posing. kecik2 dah mamam baskin robbin eh.. hehe..

  2. epi besday kakak aliya!
    kak alya sini last week dh dienyer besday...

    psst, so sweet abg lan.. hehe

  3. alolo..schweet je.happy birthday aliya!

  4. Hepi besday Aliya sayang...auntie faiez pun sentiasa mengikuti pembesaran Aliya...muah!!!



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