Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ways to relieve stress

Life isn't about suffering with anxiety, fear and stress. We deserve to enjoy life! kan kan?

There r a number of simple, yet fun ways to relieve stress dat u can start using today to feel better and enjoy life. Hepy reading! ekekeke

1. get up 15 minutes earlier - every morning okay, not every evening and dun ever snoozing!!!

2. elak pakai baju ketat - have smooth breathing, klu ketat nk duduk pun payah. paling penting DOSA!!

3. dun rely on ur memory, write it down - melayu mudah lupa. setuju?

4.avoid -ve people - MUST do!! manusia adalah makhluk yang paling mudah terpengaruh. kadang2 dalam 10 saat boleh tukar 3,4 kali keputusan. x ke bahaya tu!

5. simplify meal times - jangan main bantai je. kadang2 aku pun x sengaja, time constraint!

6. say sumthing nice to someone - behave urself. they'll respect us if we do the same. believe me!

7. take a bubble bath - with or without bath-tub, u can enjoy this way very much! its fun!!

8. stop bad habits - it may takes much time, but try to reduce it time by time

9. do it today! - what ever cross ur mind rite now, try to complete it by today! make sure 'it' make sense!!

10. become a better listener - listen to other's prob and xperience it.

11. know ur limitations and let others know them too - dun force!!

12. take a different route to work - try it and it works! u'll enjoy the journey. ;-)

13. write a note to a long-lost fren - u'll notice dat u enjoy writing. much things to write! but dun write to a stranger! ekekeke

14. cook a never try meal - enjoy ur meal and share wit ur fren

15. remember dat u always have optionS - never regret!!! unless buat DOSA BESAR. Kena taubat nasuha. Dia Maha Penerima taubat.

16. Get enuff sleep - no more midnite movies + OT.

17. Talk less and listen more - diam itu lebih baik. kan? Tp biarlah berisi. ;-)

18. freely praise other people - u'll be appreciated! biar ikhlas yee...

19. Just breathe... lengthen your exhale to double the inhale.

20. Last but the least... dekat kan diri dengan-Nya, read the Furqan everyday wpun hanya satu ayat. Ketenangan yang azali. :-)

"Take one day at a time.... you have the rest of your life to live." ~ Dr. Carole KunkleMiller.

Good luck!


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