Thursday, December 09, 2010

my uninspired-day life

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having my 'sarap' @ 9.15 and ended at 9.30. i just took 15 mins to finish it compared to smalm-smalam-smalam nyer amalan which took almost 1 hour, by the time my bungkusan makanan tend to be 'ronyok2' coz talking while eating plus extra xtvt ~gores2 wrapper ngan garfu, end-up kertas tu ronyok/ lunyai. and i noticed someone stared at me without a word out, dalam hati "bila la minah ni nak abis makan". ekekeke
And sumtimes aku buat derk je, hehehe....due of the lack of civil-consciousness.

the phone rang and rang. and i jus left the phone rang, xde hati nak jawab. not because i'm bz or anything. it jus dat, i dun want to answer the call. selalunya, phone baru bunyi skali, aku terus jawab, but not today. frankly, im not in the mood of working. but why???

i stared at my hand watch hoping dat the shorter jarum pointing at number 1. So i can freely drive home.

Again, no moral value stated. 

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