Thursday, December 09, 2010

its ur birthday!

this post is special dedicated to my beloved hubby - En Shahrul Azlan Mohamad

I am sending birthday wishes
from far across the miles
tied with lace and ribbons
my special birthday smile

Also hugs and kisses
wrapped in special prayers
happiness and laughter
joy beyond compare

Wishing you warm sunshine
each day when you awake
peace within and harmony
with every step you take

As you drift off in slumber
and nestle upon the clouds
know I am thinking of you
from way across the miles

by : unknown

we love you ~ mummy and aliya


  1. happy besday to ur hubby..smga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki dan kebahagiaan.. :)

  2. hepi bday hubby sya :-)smga pnjg umur, murah rezeki selalu..

  3. Terima kasih :-)
    Semoga kebahagian milik kita bersama sekeluarga



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